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book and lyrics by Dan Gallagher

music by Vivienne Deane

A young woman named Ily and her free-willing mother are on the run from a gangster loan shark. They seek refuge in a haunted mansion. While there they have a series of ghostly encounters; Shakespeare, Elvis Presley, Casanova, and Arthur a handsome man who may turn out to be the love of Ily’s life. Chaos ensues when everyone wants Ily dead and an important mystery is solved in the process.

Performed at the Strand Center Theatre October 6th, 7th, 8th 2017.
An earlier version of the play was performed at Clinton Community College in 2015.

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The cast of The Art of Living, from its October 2017 run at The Strand Center Theatre.
The cast of The Art of Living, from its January 2015 run at CCC Theatre.

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