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Growing up in Plattsburgh has meant everything to me. I have fond memories of my childhood days playing imaginary games with my older brothers. We would run up and down the tree lined streets wearing mom’s bathroom towels as capes. We developed elaborate scripts and roles. The story line would take days to unfold. We were obsessed. We were focused. We had so much fun. My mother played a huge role in fostering our boyhood dreams. Her active interest in my life and all that I do has a big influence on me and the things I write about. No one could ask for a better role model than Yvonne Gallagher.

My late father was a prominent figure in the household and his love of sports and refereeing impacted all three of his sons deeply. As well as a love for theatre and the arts, I love football, tennis and track almost as much. We were taught growing up that education was important, politics and sports mattered, and the chance to enjoy good entertainment was heaven on earth. As a family we spent many a night gathered around the television watching old black and white movies and sitcoms. I made the best of friends growing up with really good guys who are like brothers to me.

My two children are my heart. When they were young they were all the excuse I needed. I would drag them to the Regal Cinema House where I worked to see animated films like the Lion King over and over and over again. Being an art teacher for most of my career has been a very rewarding experience. I have kept in touch with the youthful, creative and fun side of my nature all these years.

My wife was born in Plattsburgh but raised in Montreal. I’ll forgive her for the latter part now that she is back home and with me. Plattsburgh is quaint, charming and full of talented, fun people. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I guess I was born lucky is all. I still live here today in a little white house with black shutters on a quiet street close to lake Champlain. It’s where I hope I will always live. Thank you Plattsburgh for providing me with an environment where I could run free, grow up right, learn and share with others. I really appreciate it.



Full length musical comedy
Recommended for children ages 10 and up

A young woman named Ily and her free-willing mother are on the run from a gangster loan shark. They seek refuge in a haunted mansion. While there they have a series of ghostly encounters; Shakespeare, Elvis Presley, Casanova, and Arthur a handsome man who may turn out to be the love of Ily’s life. Chaos ensues when everyone wants Ily dead and an important mystery is solved in the process.

music by Vivienne Deane

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Full length comedy

Riley, a high school student, is passionate about his drama club’s production which he is writing, directing and starring in. He is also passionate about his female co-star. Too shy to express himself he devises a plan to include a love scene between the two of them. As Riley’s play unfolds actors break in and out of character revealing the real comedy and drama that occurs behind the scenes of an amateur production.


One act comedy

On the eve of her wedding Cathy is visited by her ex-boyfriend Heath. Heath tries to convince her not to go through with a marriage to the ideal man. She battles with Heath and herself trying to decide if she should marry the perfect man or the man who has made her happiest.


One act drama

Charles and Hannah a middle-aged couple are on the verge of settling a sizeable lawsuit with the airline responsible for their daughter’s death. Issues of regret, resentment, guilt and love are examined as the couple must decide if they are willing to accept the airline’s offer.


One act dramedy

Scott and Daryl are college roommates and best friends. Scott’s dream of winning a battle of the bands contest and potentially signing a record deal are threatened when he learns that his girlfriend Heather is pregnant. Scott, Heather and Daryl are forced to come to terms with the disastrous effects of a practical joke.


portrait, pencil sketch of mother, Yvonne Gallagher 2010
color pencil sketch of the Wizard of Oz 2007
Sculpture Ray Harryhausen Cyclops 2013


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